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Sherlock Homes specializes in whole house inspections for residential real estate transactions as well as full scale property inspections for commercial transactions. We also offer construction phase inspections, new home inspections, and end of term builder's warranty inspections. As a state licensed pesticide applicator we can inspect your property for wood destroying insects and organisms and provide the necessary paperwork for your closing.

 A whole house inspection includes, the foundation, the interior & exterior structural components, electrical system, plumbing system, heat & air components, and the roof.  We will inspect all of the above systems as thoroughly as possible checking for cracks and movement in the foundation or brickwork; looking for wood damage and decay; entering the crawlspace to check framing, piping, ductwork; opening electrical panels, checking switches and outlets; operating all plumbing and mechanical systems; checking the roof inside and out, entering the attic and examining the framing, insulation, and ductwork; operating the windows and looking for broken panes or seals ……… just to name a few of the specifics.

Besides the inspection itself the whole house inspection includes a verbal report upon completion and two written follow-up reports (a full detail homeowner's report and a condensed repair report). A low cost follow-up inspection to verify repairs is available.

It is our goal to provide you as much information as possible about the property you are purchasing so that you can feel comfortable and confident with the investment you are making

If you would like a more specific quote, need further information or clarification, or would like to know about scheduling, feel free to call at 405-728-5004 or e-mail to Bill White.

We look forward to working with you.